Diabetic Foot Care

Neurovascular assessments
Foot risk assessments
Wound prevention and management

Diabetic foot care is an integral part of podiatry. It is important that anybody with diabetes has a regular assessment of their feet. The regularity of these assessments will depend on the severity of their diabetic condition. These assessments involve a neurovascular assessment, to ensure there is adequate levels of blood flow to the feet and to assess any affect on the peripheral nervous system in the lower limb. It is important to maintain neurovascular health to maintain the health of the skin and nails in the feet and reduce the complications associated with infection in the feet.

Diabetic foot assessments also involve education on reducing the risk of complications in the feet and advice on the appropriate action if you discover an issue that you are concerned about. Podiatrists also play an important role in the prevention and management of pressure wounds on the feet. We can help with both the management of this wound and also measures to try and alleviate ongoing pressure on the wound to allow it to heal and prevent any further development of the wound.

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