ACC Injuries


Acute injuries to the foot and lower limb

Lakes Podiatry is registered with ACC, so we can offer treatment for acute injuries with partial funding for consultation and full funding for orthotics. We treat a wide range of injuries, including simple strains and sprain to the foot and ankle, to assisting with the recovery from more traumatic injuries including severe fractures and motor vehicle accidents. We can help you with managing the pain associated with these injuries as well as assist with the rehabilitation and recovery. For more complex injuries we liaise with any other health providers that you may be receiving treatment from, to ensure the best outcome for you. We also communicate with ACC through this process to assist with obtaining funding any aids, appliances or footwear that may assist in your recovery.


Injury and trauma to the feet and nails

Trauma to the skin and nails can also be claimed as an accident through ACC. Injuring or damaging your nail may require some immediate attention, or it may require attention after a number of months when the nail has resumed growth. As a result of the trauma your nail may have thickened or developed an irregular shape and this can cause pain or pressure. At this stage we can help you with trimming the nail to make it more comfortable and encourage it to grow without creating this pressure, or it may require a minor surgical procedure (see Nail surgery). In this case ACC would fund a portion of this procedure.


Trauma to the skin can occur in many different ways and does include the removal of a foreign body from your foot (eg. glass). It is important that the foreign bodies are removed in their entirety has they can increase the risk of infection or scarring if they are not removed.

Prescription of orthotics for rehabilitation and pain management
Fitting of ankle braces, AFOs and moonboots
(see also Orthotic Therapy)

At any stage during the recovery from your injury you may require an ankle brace, ankle foot orthoses or moon boot. We can apply for funding for all of these aids and assist you with fitting and the appropriate use. In most ACC cases these aids will be fully funded.

Ingrown and deformed nails as the result of trauma
(see also Surgical Options)