Our services.

At Lakes Podiatry we pride ourselves on providing quality and professional care in all areas of podiatry. Catering for individuals of all ages and activity levels, we regularly communicate and cross-refer with other health providers, striving for the optimal outcome for every patient.

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General Foot Care

  • Removal of corns and callous
  • General nail care
  • Ingrown toenails (also see Surgical Options)
  • Fungal and bacterial infections
  • Wart treatments (also see Surgical Options)
  • Blister management
  • Footwear advice

Pain Management

  • Foot, ankle and lower limb overuse injuries
  • Acute injuries to the foot, ankle and lower limb
  • Foot and ankle manipulations
  • Sports and occupational footwear advice
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Foot and ankle strengthening

Posture & Movement

  • Movement posture assessments
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Assessment of running technique
  • Video analysis
  • Running specific core and strength coaching

ACC Injuries

  • Acute injuries to the foot and lower limb
  • Injury and trauma to the feet and nails
  • Prescription of orthotics for rehabilitation and pain management, where appropriate (also see Orthotic Therapy)
  • Ingrown and deformed nails as the result of trauma (also see Surgical Options)

Children’s Feet

  • Lower limb growth pains
  • In-toed (pigeon toed) and out-toed (splayed feet) gait
  • Assessment of foot position
  • Treatment and prevention of regular tripping and falling
  • Footwear advice

Diabetic Foot Care

  • Neurovascular assessments
  • Foot risk assessments
  • Wound prevention and management

Orthotic Therapy

  • Custom made foot orthotics using 3D scanning
  • Pre-fabricated/heat moulded orthotics
  • Fitting of ankle braces, ankle foot orthotics and moonboots
  • Assistance with ACC funding for orthotics

Surgical Options

  • Partial and total nail avulsion surgery
  • Wart removal surgery options


If you’re not sure whether we can help with your foot or lower limb concern, please contact the clinic.


We are confident that we’ll always find the right solution for you.