Children’s Feet


Lower limb growth pains

Lower limb growth pain or growth plate inflammation is an issue that will affect a large number of children into their teenage years. These issues can occur at numerous sites in the lower limb, including the forefoot, the heel and the knee. While the growth plates are open during adolescence these highly vascular sites are susceptible to inflammation, the growth plates become inflamed through the stresses of activity and also rapid growth during this period of life, resulting in muscular stress around the growth plate. Growth plate inflammation is generally very manageable but it is important that we establish why this is occurring for your child. We will then be able to advise you on the best approach to keep your child pain free and active.


Assessment of foot position

In-toed (pigeon toed) and out-toed (splayed feet) gait

Treatment and prevention of regular tripping and falling

Children’s gait issues are a common presentation and it is important that these are assessed if they appear abnormal. Some of these issues include in-toed and out-toed gait patterns, feet that appear to roll inwards excessively or have a low arch contour. Some children may appear to have a lack of propulsion or seem to trip and fall more regularly than normal.


We perform a comprehensive assessment of joint range of motion, with particular focus on the foot and ankle and the hip joint. We also run through some basic neurological and strength testing. We place great importance on quality footwear for children and on some occasions we may look at in-shoe support if this is required.


Footwear advice

Children’s footwear can be a difficult area to navigate. The quality of children’s shoes is usually not to the standard of adult footwear, despite the fact they are worn every day in a range of activities. It is still very important that children wear quality footwear, not only to provided an adequate level of support but also cheaper footwear does tend to deteriorate faster and contribute to the development of issues. We can help you with the selection of shoes for your child and also give you information on where these shoes an be sourced. Better quality footwear for children do tend to last longer and have preventative benefits when it comes to lower limb injury and pain.